Winning the fragmentation battle – how to grow in the world of Brexit, divergent marketplace and polarised consumers?

The marketplace is splintering — not with a whimper but with a bang. The diversity of tastes, values, ideologies and lifestyles has exploded. Niches are the new scale. Differentiation and innovation are bigger than ever, yet difference and diversity come with polarisation, too.

Two years ago the UK voted to leave the EU – a result that was unexpected to some and evident to others, and left the nation polarised and asking ''what’s next?' The political, social and economic divisiveness displayed brought home to marketers the scope and difficulty of unifying people around a common cause.

The marketplace has evolved but not as a unified microcosm, growing and splintering into a variety of directions. Finding growth in this environment is proving to be increasingly challenging, and knowing how to behave no less so. Should brands stay true to their core purpose or should they innovate and disrupt the market? Where will growth come from in these fragmented times and is there a blueprint on how to achieve it?

Kantar has brought together the elite of market research and brand consulting together to shed light on these and other important questions in our comprehensive report.

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